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Coronavirus + Safe Cannabis Consumption

Cannabis is traditionally a communal plant. Nine out of 10 times, a cannabis consumer has participated in a joint cypher to has puff puff passed the blunt (or vape pen) to the next (wo)man up. The novel coronavirus has disrupted these traditional etiquette.

Coronavirus, or COVID-19, has quickly escalated to a global pandemic and a matter of national security, with at least 38 US states and the District of Columbia currently affected. Cases in the west coast have ballooned, pushing the U.S. total to at least 938 (effective 3/11/20), while a cruise ship with 3,500 passengers and crew is being held off the coast of San Francisco amid concerns of exposure. California declared a state of emergency after the first death was confirmed on Wednesday March 4, 2020.

The list below includes recommendations and preventative measures to mitigate the risks of exposure to the coronavirus while consuming cannabis:

An easy, cheap, effective way to not put your mouth where another's has been is to implement the use of accessories such as silicone mouth pieces or glass filters on your bongs, joints, and pipes.

Use alcohol-used wipes to clean the rigs, bongs, pipes, vape mouth pieces, and the mouth pieces of all smoking devices.

Order cannabis through delivery services in order to avoid crowds.

Cease sharing joints, blunts, bongs, rigs for the time being. Stick to your own supply or roll separate joints for each other. Your immune system may just thank you later.

When the munchies hit, wash your hands prior to eating. If consuming indica, when feeling sleepy, wash your hands before touching your eyes or mouth. Wash your hands frequently as needed.

Now is the time to explore other methods of consumption such as individual transdermal patches, edibles, suppositories, ingestible oils (ex. capsules), beverage, and topicals.

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